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Diving, and Driving in Placencia-with NO gas

Diving, and Driving in Placencia-with NO gas

Sea Horse Dive Shop

  • Author: Liz Logan
  • Date Posted: Mar 7, 2003
  • Category:
  • Address: Placencia, Belize

Morning came, the weather was good, and I was ready to dive. I walked down because I had already dropped my gear the day before. Got checked in, got on the boat……and waited. Sometime after 9am, AFTER all the other boats had left for the day we were told that there was no gas! They had enough to do an inshore dive, but not enough to get to the Barrier Reef and back. I was livid. They were not very apologetic, making excuses about how they thought the gas station was going to get a delivery and they could gas up in the morning. Then, after all the pre-arrangements I worked for, they told me they could take me TOMORROW. Duh, what part of “only in town ONE day” did they not get? Knowing they were short on gas is something that should have been disclosed early. IF not the night before when I checked in, at least that morning BEFORE all the other shops left so I could have gotten on one of those boats! Because we couldn’t go offshore, we dove the “Laughing Bird Caye” – twice. With no real ocean movement between the Caye and land, everything underwater was covered with gray silt. Not very picturesque or colorful. A big disappointment.

Belize 2003 diving

Diving in Placencia

What a ride back. We knew we would e driving after dark, and after the trip down we also knew we weren’t going to make it in 3 hours. Top it of, there was still no gas. So off we went and NONE of the small gas stations we had seen were open – or if they were they did not have gas. We were running out so stopped at a small “restaurant” (really more of a pole barn where people were eating) – asking about gas. Yep, we could get a couple gallons from them … but had to use a hose and funnel to get it into the truck. What an experience.

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